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Position Yourself For Power

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Many times, we sit back and see others using their power skills and feel like ours are null and void.  We disregard our skill set, our language and way of…


Tara, you rocked the house as our keynote.  I was honored to introduce you.  Thank you for being you and for inspiring others to be their authentic self.
– Timika

Just got 5 Kids… in the mail.  I love learning about other people’s stories.  There is something about this woman I really like.  Excited to dig in.
– Kike

This is just the beginning for this inspirational, motivational, and dream chasing sister.

Thanks for always encouraging me and pushing me to places I didn’t know I was capable of going

Tara Just gave a swift kick in my A** and I needed it!  Yes I said it! I’m ready!