I was going through a tough time. Not a normally gracious tough time but one that would seemed to rip me to pieces as a human. I was a single mom struggling to get through life and found myself in an angry space! A space that was not healthy for me and surely wasn’t welcoming to anyone in my outside world. I didn’t want to see anyone’s happiness, I️ cultivated an environment of jealousy, hate, disgust and depression. I decided to check out of life, give up on me and wait on someone to save me!

(Breaks out the side eye, chic please neck roll and girl you better get out of here snap and stance)

That didn’t last long at all I looked myself in the mirror with the most dangerous looking stare I could find and literally (honestly these very words came out of my mouth) and said to myself (while gritting my teeth and tightening my lips) IF YOU DON’T GET YOUR A** UP YOU BETTER! This was a serious wake up call for me. I had to take a leap of faith and start from somewhere. So i started at 1. I wrote a book! I was truthful, unfiltered and overwhelmingly candid about my life. I gave real names, real life stories and added ZERO fluff to my story. I was hurting and although I was picking myself up…..i was hurting, still! My first book Five Kids and I had the Nerve to Ask God for a Husband, was written as I️ climbed out of the abyss of depression. I wasn’t healed, but healing and still a work in progress. I released it, it sold and I still was working on me, but i wasn’t finished yet! So here comes Book number 2,

The Book Of G. L. A.M.
One written from the side of healed! (CAN I GET A WAVE IN THE SKY AND AN AAAAMAN?) I wrote about my journey in a different light. The G.L.A.M side. The inner side! I now knew who I was and whose I was. The word G.L.A.M. now has a new meaning. G-God L-loves A-All of M-Me. In other words, this is an ordered journey and their is beauty deeply rooted in my journey. This time around I️ saw positive side and spoke from a place of joy and peace and not pain and hurt. I used my story to uplift myself, reinvent me and reteach myself about the importance of being me.

So here we are…..staring at my book from a two points of views! Yes of course i want you to get them both, but not just because I’ll be making a sale, but because you will understand that I too have a journey. You will see that everything you see wasn’t always peaches and roses. Everyone will fall (including me and you) but it’s the getting up that counts! Here is my fall, here is my getting up and my brand is my recovery! I’m am amazing person, built just for what was thrown at me. It’s my testimony, it’s my life, it’s my very own personal journey! Grab your copies(you can’t just read 1) and rejuvenate your spirit!! Grab hold to hope and don’t you dare let go!