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F*** You

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I am so sick of having the ideas swirl inside my head and they never come to past.  I am so sick and tired of the what if scenario I play in my head once I by passed the opportunity to make remarkable things happen and DON’T.  I am just sick and tired of talking myself out of sharing my thoughts, my skills and my expertise.  I am just absolutely, unequivocally, unapologetically tired.  I have a brain!  A smart one!  A creative one!  An inspirational one!  I am a genius!  You are a genius!  You and I both have an inner power that would make anyone squeal at our talents.   Really, we do!  Then tell me this: Why In the whole wide world of wonder do we talk ourselves out of our greatness?  You know what I am talking about. The great idea, that is written out, planned, seconded by your best friend (who absolutely loves your ideas ALL the time) and almost to the point of execution until……We talk ourselves right out of it.  The crazy thing is we create an entire reason based on why we can’t and who won’t support!  WHAT?  First, let’s forget that this is crazy as hell, but far beyond that and call it absolute insanity.  Yes, I just said that you and I both are certified insane for giving fear a moment to resonate within us so much so that we don’t share our genius with those that need us.

So here is a thought: F*** YOU!

That’s right I said it F*** YOU!

FIRE YOU, right now!

Fire your thoughts, your fear, and your little negative chattery side of yourself that sits on your right or left shoulder, RIGHT NOW! You and I both have been insanely and incredibly stupid for keeping ourselves from experiencing life and blessing others with our skills.  Don’t you say a word, don’t offer an explanation and don’t try to weasel your way out of me calling you out.  This is pure truth, all facts and it is Me and it is YOU!  Hey I am in this thing with you.  I was afraid to share, thinking “no one needs or wants what I have.”  Well, that would be a lie because people ask me all the time to share a bit of my genius with them.  Secondly, I was afraid to package my skills.  “no one is going to pay me for what I have to offer!” Ha!  That is the ultimate lie told to myself.  Are you seriously going to believe this about yourself?  Are you going to give this sulking campaign the energy it needs to stop your super powers in its tracks.  This is Kryptonite and you must get rid of it now.  FIRE YOU NOW!  The negative chatter in your head will make you forget that you were born with a unique super power.  So let it go, Fire yourself and replace you with a relentless, resilient, positive, can’t stop won’t stop self that will talk you into trying it all.  Success is the roadmap to success.  So be fearless!  You must try it, sometimes fail at it, learn from it and push forward from it.  But all of this starts with you.  FIRE you, take risks and live unapologetically!

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