Power Glam University

Welcome to the Power Glam Experience!

Power Glam University has a treasure trove of resources all tailor-made for women who want and need true independence and the all golden self-made mogul status. We offer interactive live classes, webinars to get you started, eBooks to fertilize your brilliant minds and get you on that road to success! All for a small token that you won’t miss once you hit the jackpot!
The Power Glam University vault will be full of Business eBooks, Business Maps, planners, Tools and more to ease your climb to business success heaven. The PGU team looks forward to sharing some of the following topics with you…
✓ How to get the best team without breaking the bank
✓ Small steps to big dreams- starting with a little money, while taking small steps can get you on the move to your BIG dreams
✓ Dream the BIG DREAM, and get the support you need to conquer it!
✓ How to get $2k worth of tech tools for your new LLC
✓ The simplified steps to getting Legal status in your state
✓ Turn all your pain into profit
✓ Let’s bank that income tax
✓ How to get the limelight in national publications for FREE!
✓ The all-important Social Calendar for the Power Mogul to be
✓ How to start your dream business with less than $50
Power Glam University is not just a place for women in business but a force of highly motivated individuals who know what it takes to succeed and strive hard to achieve results. Want to be a part of this movement?