The Young Leader’s Academy

We bring our powerful resource pools to every area regardless of their income and academic status and infuse them into the hearts and minds of tomorrows bosses that we KNOW live there. This is especially made for students that have shown early leadership potential,.  We’re not the conventional school so it’s your personality rather than grades that attracts us. We focus on empowering young women into the powerhouses of the future. This is a great chance to share new ideas and concepts, and offer mentoring for young women, giving them an opportunity that the world wouldn’t normally present them with.

So if you want to get your kids started on the road to success, then Power Glam University-The Young Leader’s Academy is just what they need..Sign up here.

The 11 month program includes:

✓ Etiquette Classes
✓ Information sensitizing sessions
✓ College Tours
✓ Home and School Visits
✓ And a chance to be paid for 30 days as an Intern

So if you want to team up with Tara and offer this amazing PGU program in your location, click on the icon below and we will be in touch right away.